Explain How to Support Children and Young People According to Their Age, Needs and Abilities to Make Personal Choices and Experiences That Have a Positive Impact on Their Lives

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CT232 Understand how to support positive outcomes for children and young people In addition to reading page 184 to 207 of your Heinemann level 3 diploma tex book please put together some notes which show you have researched this unit.. Once you have done this please email me your notes so they can be used as evidence. Your notes need to cover the following … 1.1 Describe the social, economic and cultural factors that will impact on the lives of children and young people They are many issues in our lives that can have an impact on children/young people, this could be
Social factors * Illness/disability- this can cause a child/children to miss out on a large chuck of the education and struggle to achieve due to them taking
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They may suffer poverty as a result of a fall inthe household income and also suffer a dramatic change in lifestyle that leave them confused.
Cultural factors * Religious beliefs and customs- children may have to attend a school associated with their religion, and may therefore receive a less balanced education. They may struggle to understand other people‘s religion or lifestyle choices, especially if it goes against what they are taught. They may become confuse or isolated and struggle to interact with the wider community. They may also experience or witness abuse on the grounds of their religious beliefs and customs, leaving them not only confused and isolated but fearful. * Ethnic beliefs and customs- children may have different form of clothing, customs which could lead to them being teased or bullied. Their culture ma view interaction between men and women, women and women or men and men in a different way and the children will struggle to recognise what is acceptable at school as it differs from home. This could cause them to come into conflict with school rules or to be perceived as a trouble maker.
Economical factors * Education- children whose parents have had poor education or lack numeracy and literacy skills can or may struggle at school, their parents may show little or no interest in their education and as a result they themselves may also

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