Essay about Experimentation With A Single Codon

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In order to accomplish the goal of genome synthesizing, the scientist needed to use certain equipment that would allow them to visualize and make data for the experiment. Previous work demonstrated that experimentation with a single codon was successful. Confirmation that the 57 codon versions of ads and tyrS were functional in vivo and that recoded and nsAA dependent and maintained fitness and provided extremely low escape rates as previously reported. Electroporation protocol transformed several cell types, at rather high efficiencies without various plasmids. Abstract E.coli can be transformed to extremely high efficiencies by subjecting a mixture of cells and DNA to brief, but the intense electrical field of exponential decay waveform. Another technique used was the De Novo synthesis. The De Novo synthesis refers to the synthesis of complex molecules from simple molecules, such as sugars and amino acids, as opposed to recycling after partial degradation.
When using Plasmid electroporation in E.coli the scientist needed to use E.coli source plates, a tube of plasmid DNA, nutrient media plates, recovery both, ice-cold calcium chloride solution, two incubators, micropipette, two water, and an incubator set at a specific temperature. Several steps using these materials allows the plasmid DNA with DNA and heat shocking the cells then placing in an ice bath then incubating the solution then placing the solution on the E.coli plates and allowing them…

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