Experimental Methods And Methods That Have Been Used For Psychological Research

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Within psychology, there are many different methods that have been used for psychological research to help gather and understand data. When conducting research within psychology, methods that are typically used are called experimental methods. Since we are looking to observe, experimental methods are known for being good for testing hypotheses. Common types of experimental methods include naturalistic observation, case studies, and random samples. Each of these common methods have their own advantages and disadvantages which tie in to why we use each of them.
When conducting an experiment using naturalistic observation, it is important to consider the variables, the sampling process and the samples. Naturalistic observation is defined as observing subjects in their natural environment. Variables that are included in naturalistic observation may include, but are not limited to, the environment the experiment is being conducted within, different weather types, the situation at hand, the time of day or even the presence of an outside human being. All of these variables may affect how a certain subject reacts. The type of sampling may affect how an experiment pans out as well. If a psychologist chooses to sample by time they would have to report the subjects behavior at each given time. This type of sampling can be done systematically or randomly. If the psychologist chooses to sample depending on the situation. this would involve observing the behavior of a subject in many…

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