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Experiment 11: Reactivities of Some Alkyl Halides in Substitution Reactions Materials & Methods: Materials used: 1-bromobutane 1-chlorobutane bromocyclopentane Bromocylcohexane 2-chlorobutane 2-bromobutane 2-chloro2-metylpropane 2-bromo-2-methylpropane Crotyl chloride Bromobenzene Benzyl chloride 1-chloroadamantene Methods/Techniques: Physiochemical Research: Reagent | Formula Weight | Density | Boiling Point | Melting Point | Color | 1-bromobutane | 137.023 g/mol |

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The color went from clear to yellow. |
2-bromobutane | >15 min | not reactive | After 15 minutes the mixture was observed to be not reactive. The color changed from clear to yellow. |
2-chloro2-metylpropane | >15 min | not reactive | After 15 minutes the mixture was observed to be not reactive. The color changed from clear to light white. |
2-bromo-2-methylpropane | >15 min | Not reactive | After 15 minutes the mixture was observed to be not reactive. The color changed from clear to light white. |
Crotyl chloride | <2 min | reactive | The mixture reacted with in 2 minutes. The color changed from clear to brown. |
Bromobenzene | <15 min | not reactive | After 15 minutes the mixture was observed to be not reactive. The color changed from clear to light white. |
Benzyl chloride | <1 min | reactive | The mixture was found to be reactive with in 1 minute. The color changed from clear to light orange. |
1-chloroadamantene | >15 min | Not reactive | After 15 minutes the mixture was observed to be not reactive. The color changed from clear to light orange. |

SN1 Reaction
Substrate | Reaction Time | Indication of Reaction | Explanation |
1-bromobutane | Immediately | cloudy | The mixture was reactive on entering the test tube. The color changed from clear to cloudy. |
1-chlorobutane | <30 sec (in heat) | | After15 minutes the mixture |
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