Essay Experiential Learning : Learning And Learning

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Experiential learning is an approach to education that emphasizes engaged student learning through direct experience and intense reflection to increase knowledge, acquire lifelong learning and problem-solving skills, and elucidate values. Research has shown experiential learning increases the quality and depth of academic study and makes learning more enjoyable and fulfilling for both students and teachers. Experiential learning can come in many different forms, and can occur both in and outside the classroom. Types of experiential learning that students may be exposed to through Experience Learning include apprenticeships, clinical experiences, internships, practicums, service learning, simulations, study abroad, undergraduate research, and volunteering.
• Apprenticeships provide students an opportunity to try out a job, usually with an experienced professional in the field to act as a mentor.
• Clinical experiences provide hands-on experiences of a predetermined duration directly tied to an area of study, such as nursing students participating in a hospital-based experience or child development and teacher education students participating in day care and classroom settings.
• Internships provide students with an opportunity to test the waters in a career field and also gain some valuable work experience. Internships can be for credit, not for credit, paid, or unpaid.
• Practicums often a required component of a course of study and place students in a supervised and often…

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