Experiencing Intercultural Conflict

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Conflict Paper
Conflict plays a significant role in the way we communicate with other and can have detrimental and even positive effects on our relationships. Experiencing Intercultural Communication: An Introduction describes conflict as “involving a perceived or real incompatibility of goals, values, expectation processes, or outcomes between two or more independent individuals and groups.” In addition, there are numerous forms of conflict and can be processed differently.
Conflict is caused by various occurrences such as language issues, which “…can also be the primary vehicle for solving intercultural conflict” (Martin, Nakayama, 232) or ambiguity in which “we may be unsure of how to handle the conflict or of whether the conflict is seen in the same way by the other person” (Martin, Nakayama 231. For my Cardiopulmonary Pharmacology class, we had study groups composed of four students. Our group decided to meet before class in our Respiratory Care classroom, and it was imperative to meet on time to use our time
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I used to encounter this type of conflict frequently with my brother because we like to be correct and have things completed our way. Although I was seventeen at the time and my brother was thirteen, we got lost at Costco. My mother asked us to get toilet paper and that she would be at the produce section. We headed back to the produce section only to find out she was not there. The reasonable thing to do was to call her and ask where she was so, that we could meet her there. However, my brother wanted us to wait at produce section with toilet paper at hand because eventually our mother would have to return. I decided to call our mom and found out that she was looking at those enormous teddy bears with my sister. Just like my uncle would say, “Every mind is a different

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