Essay on Experiencing Humanity Of The Modern World

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Experiencing Humanity in the Modern World Throughout the history of the world, humans have expressed emotions and experiences through many different ways: sculpture, architecture, dance, music, literature, and many more. As these many unique works have been recorded, they have been able to have great impacts on those who have been privileged to witness it. Meher Baba, an Indian mystic, once taught that, “Art is one of the sources through which the soul expresses itself and inspires others.” Art throughout history has defined cultures, helped us understand people and emotions; it has allowed us to see humanity through our own eyes and they eyes of others. However, there is a major obstacle that has been faced in the past. The impact that these great works of humanity has been limited because there was no way to share it all over the world. The impact was restricted to those of the culture of the creator. In modern times, we have been able to confront this obstacle through technology. Technology has allowed creators of all forms of art to share their work with more people than creators in olden day would have ever dreamed of impacting. There is one medium in particular that is now leading the charge when it comes to sharing the work of creators: YouTube. YouTube provides a place where creators – artist, performers, musicians, and authors – are able reach out to the whole world and impact because it allows us to document the experiences of humanity. Since the founding of the…

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