Minorities During Ww2

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There were several groups across Europe that went through similar experiences during World War 2. Some of the groups of people that went through these similar experiences include the Jewish population in Germany and surrounding areas, British citizens, German citizens, French and the Soviet Union soldiers.

The French suffered severe losses throughout the course of the war. Thought to be the largest power in Europe at the time of the war the Germans defeated them in just 3 weeks. This caused a significant loss of lives. The Majority didn’t like that they had German presence throughout France and so became the French resistance. The resistance was another setback as many of the people who were apart of the resistance were caught and sent off
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Jews were discriminated and they were put in concentration camps and would be put to death. Source 3 shows that German officials wrote on Jewish shops to deter any German people from entering the shop. This therefore made the Jews isolated in a society with a growing hate on them and would therefore lead to the Holocaust. Though schooling which was bringing up Hitler youth taught the German children that the Jews had lost Germany the first world war, and how they cannot be trusted, they are filthy and the German Aryan race was far superior to any Jewish beings. German citizen ships were revoked from all Jewish people and therefore made them outcasts in their own country. Jewish people were then kicked out of their houses and sent to the ghettos or concentration/ gas camps were they were put to work and were gassed at these camps. Jewish businesses were eventually taken and given to German people. The holocaust lasted from 1940- 1945 and was the result of the deaths of approximately 6 million Jews and is considered to be the largest mass genocides in history. Source 4 shows the immense scale of people that were killed as a result of the holocaust and the horrific conditions in which they had to live. The Jewish people in Europe …show more content…
This would have caused a huge amount of suffering to all of the people in the soviet union as most of their population had died as a result of the war. Although the loss was immense they ultimately defeated Germany as a result of their resilience. Source 10 is a secondary source from a historian explaining the living conditions and the life expectancy of the soldiers. If you were a regular Red army conscript you would only have a life expectancy of around 24 hours and if you were a soviet officer your expectancy would grow to three days this was as the soviets suffered so may deaths and the death toll for the battle of Stalingrad was estimated somewhere between one and two million and is accepted to be the single largest death toll in any battle in man kinds history. The living conditions during this battle were horrific with soldier’s diets consisting of rats, picking dead horses clean of meat and sometimes even forced into cannibalism just to stay alive. These soldiers all had to endure extreme

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