Experience Theatre At The Hyde Park Theatre Essay

918 Words Dec 6th, 2016 4 Pages
While I was in Austin this past weekend, I decided to attend a play just to experience theatre in a different town. The show took place at the Hyde Park Theatre in the Street Corner Arts district in Austin, Texas. Considering I am moving to Austin, I’m glad I found a theatre close to my new home due to the fact I’m unexpectedly really enjoying seeing live theatre and the thrill of emotions and thought process live theatre makes you feel and think.
Before the show started, there were four chairs and many rows of lights that would later bring significance into the play. Now that I have seen three very different plays, I am now not so quick to judge based off the scenic design but again I was questionable about how the scenic design tied into the basis of the play, which was love and its many turmoil’s. What I first noticed about the set was how simple it was, so my first initial thought of how it tied into play was that it was going to be simple and elegant. The stage space and the theatre itself was quite small so I could clearly see the stage, the small space made it feel more inmate and actually worked out because when the theatre was packed, it was a lot warmer than outside. The stage itself, was considered a thrust stage due to the fact that the stage was surrounded by the audience only on three sides. Throughout the play, there wasn’t any set changes however the actors would rearrange the chairs in many different areas that worked best with where they were acting, also…

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