Experience Of Earthquake In Pakistan

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We had just got home late from my dad’s friday doctors social and I remember going to bed and calls started to come in from people we knew. My parents were frantic. The couldn’t believe what they had been told. I came down awoken from all of the commotion downstairs. I asked my brother what had happened. Zal replied, “A 7 magnitude earthquake hit Pakistan”. At that moment I didn’t really understand what had happened and my mom tucked me back into bed and told me I should rest. Waking up the next morning my parents were much more calm and I was told that none of our family members were hurt. My parents seemed to be much less stressed in the morning. The next few days my brother and my sister Zinnia decided to raise some money so we could …show more content…
The day we landed we went to the home my parent have in Islamabad. We were all really tired and jet lagged, but we knew we had to get rest before our first day of relief effort the next morning. I stayed up most night talking with my cousins who had come to stay with us for a week to help with the clean up efforts. We really didn’t talk much about the earthquake because we were catching up about each others lives because they live in Pakistan and we hadn’t seen them for 3 years. Nobody really got much sleep that night, but the next morning all of us seemed to be ready to start helping out in the relief. We drove about an hour north from the capital city of Islamabad and we were instructed to park our car and walk to a big tent. When we got there we finally got to meet Ali the guy we had been communicating with and sending money to help with the relief efforts. We were introduced to a few other aid people and we were given boxes that needed to be delivered a few miles away from where we were. The only problem was that the area was where the earthquake had caused most damage so there really were no road just a lot of toppled buildings. We set off on our journey and after an hour or so of hiking we finally made it to where we were supposed to deliver the boxes full of food and medical supplies that we had been handed. The town we had reached was completely destroyed as if an atomic bomb had been set off. There was not one building that was still there. The only structures that were left there was a few walls of a house or two. All there were was hundreds of small tents set up by the people who were living there and a few relief tents. We set the boxes down in a little tent who had Edhi Aid relief workers in it giving out supplies to families in the area. We stayed there the rest of the day and we helped prepare warm food for the people in the town to eat.

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