Experience Marketing Essay

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Conceptualizing and measuring experience quality: the customer’s perspective
Ting-Yueh Changa∗ and Shun-Ching Horngb aGraduate Institute of Leisure, Recreation and Tourism Management, Southern Taiwan University,
No. 1, Nantai Street, Yung-Kang City, Tainan 71005, Taiwan, Republic of China; bGraduate
Institute of Business Administration, National Chengchi University, 64, Section 2, ZhiNan Road,
Wenshan District, Taipei 11605, Taiwan, Republic of China
(Received 14 October 2008; final version received 7 November 2008)
Today many customers, managers, and scholars have become aware of the importance of experiences, which are characterized as satisfying customers’ psychic or personal needs. For customers, they care more about the
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In this research, we have conceptually defined experience quality as the customers’ emotional judgment about an entire experience with an elaborately designed service setting. We have undertaken multiple phases in conceptualizing and measuring the concept of experience quality.
Keywords: customer experience; experience quality; customer services; service experience; experiential marketing
Consumption experiences have become increasingly important for customers and are considered as offerings which can be created or customized to fulfil customers’ individual needs (e.g. Gupta & Vajic, 2000; Pine & Gilmore, 1998, 1999; O’Sullivan & Spangler,
1998). In marketing practices, the management and design of experiences is stressed as a base for companies’ efforts to differentiate themselves from competitors and achieve competitive advantage. Apparent examples are the rapid expansions of theme restaurants
ISSN 0264-2069 print/ISSN 1743-9507 online
# 2010 Taylor & Francis
DOI: 10.1080/02642060802629919 http://www.informaworld.com ∗Corresponding author. Email: tychang@mail.stut.edu.tw
The Service Industries Journal
Vol. 30, No. 14, December 2010, 2401–2419 such as Starbucks and Hard Rock Cafe´. They do not simply sell coffee, but focus on examining whether the consumption situation can provide meaningful or valuable

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