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The powder is good for oily skin, the cream is good for dry skin, and the liquid stains are good for all skin types.

Shadow casting to me is the best part because all the colors are available and this where creativity comes to use. There are so many styles possible when it comes to shadow casting but they have to be done right. First, start by taking a large shadow brush and sweep light color over the whole lid; it brightens the area. Then use a medium to dark color on the crease; starting at the outter corner and working inward. It turns out to look beautiful.

Then the eyeliner comes in to make the eyes pop out even more. There are so many different ones to use. There’s liquid, to crayon, to pencil, its just so great how there’s so much variety. The one that fits the face best is the one to choose. Then after the eyeliner comes the finishing touch which is mascara. It makes the eyes look so fabulous! The way to get the best curls is by using a lash curler before applying the mascara on the lashes.

The lips always make a statement and the one that goes best with lips is the right one. If a girl has big luscious lips and she’s going for a casual look its not a good idea to use a bright vibrant color. She’s better off going with something light. If her lips are small she can use a bright color to make them a little more live. She can have gloss which provides a great shine. The sheer tints go more for a natural look. The
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