Expedia Corporate Responsibility Case Study

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Corporate Responsibility Project – BA 342 FA 15
Chun Chit Cheng
BA342 Section 2


Expedia Inc. is ranked number four hundred and fifty-eight on the fortune 1000 companies’ lists. Expedia is one of the biggest online travel booking service companies. They provide bookings on a variety of things. Hotels, car rentals, flights, cruises and also complete vacation packages are what they are able to let their customers reserve online. This online services based company is headquartered at Bellevue, Washington. Expedia has more than 200 travel booking sites in over 70 countries, more than 150 mobile websites in 70 countries and 35 languages, and more than 18000 employees in 30 different countries. They have connections with
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One example is their community grants program. The grants are given to organizations in their own area and the relationships are vital to them. Those organizations are where Expedia employees devote time and capital in. Expedia cares about what is important to their employees. During last year, they have given out direct grants to more than 50 organizations worldwide. Expedia also has a “Global Day of Caring” which their employees in 34 countries participated in last year. It is stated that there are more than 2300 employees working on 100 community project with a total amount of more than 12000 volunteer hours. Rather than the Global Day of Caring, their employees in each office are able to choose local charity to support by volunteering, donations and “matching gift program”. Expedia employees have influenced more than 944 organizations around the world in 2013. Alternatively, Expedia also takes part in disaster relief of the country. In the United States, there was a detrimental flood that hit the Estes Park Area near Denver in September. Expedia formed a team of employees to assist the Estes Park Flood Recovery Mission to help cleaning up the mess. Another example of their effort on disaster relief took place in Philippines. There was a huge typhoon attacked the mid area of Philippines. Thousands were killed and injured. With the intention of helping the community, Expedia …show more content…
Now all they do is asking their customers to be more environmental friendly. However, the company itself to act first to show they are all in in this issue. For example, they should start sustainability program to reduce their own carbon footprint. Setting sight on the community aspect, I believe that they are doing a decent job. Lots of volunteering and donations are great for the local community. Last but not least, they are doing what they need to do for their diversity aspect. They hire people from different background in order to match the demand for their highly diverse global business. They also offer diversity program for employees to increase their awareness and help them adapt to the increasingly diverse global

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