Expectations Of The Book ' World 's Most Dangerous Gang ' Essay

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A. Norms/pg. 45 Ch. 2: Expectations of "right" behavior. In this video "World 's Most Dangerous Gang" there are many different norms of M.S. 13. There is a norm where if you die the rest of the gang go around town graffiti the walls with cross, tombstones, and the person who died 's name. Another norms is that your protect your territory no matter what. Another one is that you are in the M.S. 13 gang for life, if you leave the gang they will find you and they will kill you. If there is a business inside the territory of M.S.13 then you have to pay them interest, so they will protect your business and you from other rival gangs that may try to take that territory away from M.S. 13. The gang recruits younger kids into their gang so that they can start out young and be in the gang all of their lives. There also a lot of different jobs in the gang that a person could do, like being the boss of a small part of the gang in a city, or sell drugs/weapons to people, or recruiting people to be in the gang.//300//

B. Symbol/ pg. 41 Ch. 2: Something to which people attach meaning and then use to communicate with one another. The M.S 13 gang have their own sign langue so that they could communicate easier with one other. They also go around the town they are living in and graffiti the wall, so that other gangs and people know that they are in M.S. 13 territory. They also graffiti that walls for their fellow gang members who have been killed, they paint crosses, tombstones, and other…

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