Expectations Of David Analysis

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The analysis of expectations on David from the different perspectives ---Zeju Li

In general view, King is the divine representation of God. His power is unimpeachable and his majesty shall be glorified. However, King is not perfect: He can commit mistakes, he can indulge himself in wine and debauchery, and he can bereave property of his people as well. But people will not be inclined to withdraw his majesty and gift that men endow for the purpose of seeking protection of their life, land, and anything because King is the physical defense of people’s safety. Thus, it is understandable that people set expectation on the king and deserves their right to be fulfilled of the wishes by the kingship, let alone King David. In the bible, without consideration of his mistakes taken, the king David greatly performs his job as a king and succeeds to achieve various expectation from different sides:
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Those expectations from people have been successfully fulfilled with the consents of God. In the past, the murder of people without the command of God will be regarded as a sin and will be punished as a result. However, the rise of kingship initiates to create the difference of this conduct, where king is allowed to execute people without the God’s involvement, which is shown in the text of Samuel 2 ------ David reigns over all Israel and executes judgment and justice unto all his people (Chapter 8, Samuel 2, Bible, King James Version). Part of the role a judge plays has been transferred to the kingship. Consequently, David has the power to punish the guilty or maleficent such as the execution of two men who betray their king and come to join the Judah tribe. Nevertheless, David forgives his people in most of the time even they forsake their loyalty to the kingship and rebels against the reign of

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