What Is The Importance Of Motive In The Great Gatsby

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When I was young, I would get harshly punished whenever I disrespected my relatives. Today I am seen as the more respectful grandchild, nephew, and son in the eyes of my relatives that I had once disrespected. In this analysis, I will be explaining to you how vital it is that you pay attention to your current decisions, for you could be regretting the consequences that come with them. In The Great Gatsby, a novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald, characters’ pasts have the greatest effect on their present and future, therefore telling us to be aware of how our current actions may change our future.
Nick is a well disciplined and understanding young man. He was taught to think of others, before criticizing, them by his father. Nick’s father had once
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After the death of Dan Cody - Gatsby’s mentor and best friend - Gatsby “was left with his singularly appropriate education”(107). Gatsby, although he knew how to act rich, was robbed of the small fortune that Cody had given to Gatsby in his will. Gatsby learned from Cody and will be able to attain his own wealth. We learn Gatsby is a bootlegger, but he’s been able to deceive people with his Ivy League education. If Gatsby were to be just a bootlegger, his manners would show it and he’d be unable to mingle with the high class. If not for his manners, Gatsby would never fulfill his self-destined dream of being with Daisy without his proper ways. Myrtle had a rough early life as well, but as a women, she was expected to marry a man for …show more content…
Since she was young she always wanted the eyes on her. Daisy even goes to point out to her cousin, Nick, that he “didn’t come to her wedding”(21). She did not have a clue that Nick was in war, and could not attend due to that circumstance. Daisy was self centered ever since she met Tom and he made everything about the two of them, and treated her like royalty. Throughout the later chapters in The Great Gatsby, we see her talking to Gatsby of love and how she is going to leave Tom for him. However, she has no intention of doing so and just goes with it for some careless fun. She sees this as an entertaining and fine thing to do since she has so much wealth that she has “been everywhere and seen everything and done everything”(22). Although this was written many years prior, we can still learn lessons from it

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