Expectation Kaplan 's Doe Season Essay

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Expectation Kaplan’s “Doe season” and Oates “Where..?”
When a child is born, they already have expectations of what they should be and become. These expectations being before the child is even born. The expectation that comes from family, like their parents and society. The parents always having big dreams and an image of what they want their child to be. They plan for their child to become smart, with successful careers and they push their images on their kids always telling them to be the best, and scolding them for doing anything less. There is also a lot of expectation that comes from society, the main one being gender roles. Society puts an expectation on people based on gender. If you are a male you are supposed to be strong, masculine, and a breadwinner. But on the other hand, if you are a female you are supposed to be the opposite: meek, weak and a homemaker. Both Andy from Kaplan’s “Doe Season” and Connie From Oates “Where Are You Going, Where Have you Been?” faces expectation that come from society and their parents that have molded their image of who they are ending in both of them breaking away from the old expectation they thought they had to hold up and slowly finding their own sense of self.
Andy is a nine-year-old girl who looks up to her father a lot. On this particular day, Andy is going on a hunting trip with her father, his friend Charlie Spreun and Charlie’s son Mac. It is not unusual for Andy to go on hunting trips with her father but it is applied that…

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