Expansion Of Westward Expansion During The Civil War Essays

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Entry 1 Westward expansion became crucial in the development of America after the Civil War. A majority of the settlers wanted to move west in an effort to find new rich fertile farmland. The soil the settlers had left behind had been overworked and was now thin, loose and without vital nutrients. Due to this thin soil, their crops suffered. Many settlers simply wanted to buy farmland other than in the east were land was being sold at a premium. Other settlers were immigrants and wanted to start a new life in the West (Many of these immigrants were artisans and craftsman by trade and introduced new ideas and techniques into society). How was this expansion made possible? Expansion had been possible by many factors; to include an abundance of land due to the Native Americans being forced onto reservations as a result of the Indian Wars. Settlers were allowed to move west without the inherent danger of attacks from the Indians. Advances in technology such as the railroad, allowed further expansion out west and facilitated the availability of resources from the East to be moved out west that expanded and established new trade routes. Advances in farming technology allowed farmers to utilize the rich fertile soil with the use of better plows that could break up the soil more efficiently. Better water well technology was also developed, that allowed water to be pumped from further depths.
Entry 2
Who were some of the most significant business men of the Gilded Age? Some to the…

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