Expansion Of The American Civil War Essay examples

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Expansion of Equality in America Ever since America was born, the white male has always prominently been the primary holder of power. Just one hundred years ago, America was in an extreme state of inequality. Women had no legal right to vote until the 19th amendment was passed in 1920, and Native Americans weren’t even considered citizens until 1924. African Americans were given the right to vote in 1870 when the 15th amendment was passed, granting citizens the right to vote regardless of race, yet laws were still placed to prevent African Americans from voting using literacy tests and voting taxes. In present day 2016, we all look back at those years in America in disbelief, wondering why we were such a divided country. Since the Civil war in the mid 1860’s, America and the citizens it houses have come a long way in treating people no better than the white male. Let’s go all the way back to America in the year 1865, right after the conclusion of the American Civil War. America was a divided country, with people only associating themselves with people who are like them. The Civil War was the first big step of many to start the revolution of equality in America. The Civil War changed many factors that played a big part in America’s government, but one of the biggest changes were the annexation of the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendment. The 13th amendment banned slavery in America, the 14th granted citizenship for all who were born in America, and the 15th, which…

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