Exit Through The Gift Shop Film Review

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Film Review - Exit Through The Gift Shop Exit Through the Gift Shop is a documentary about the emergent and exploitation of the street art genre directed by the reclusive street-art graffiti legend, also known as Banksy. The film came about when the world famous graffiti artist was approached by an eccentric French shop keeper, Thierry Guetta, who records his entire life with a video camera in order to capture the memory out of apparent relevance to the impromptu death of his mother when he was a child. Guetta was gaining interest in street art and wanted to make a documentary about it and Banksy was the last major figure whose participation he felt he needed, as an affable personality, a love of video cameras and a chance relationship to Invader, also a French street-art pioneer who networked with other artists like Shepard Fairey, had left Guetta with hundreds of hours of footage documenting the birth of the art. After tracking Banksy down and shooting him working, Guetta retired to the cutting room. He emerged months later and showed it to Banksy who did not approve of Guetta's work, offered to take over Guetta's documentary while Guetta returned to Los Angeles to turn himself into a street art sensation, named "Mr. Brainwash" or MBW. Transforming overnight from an affable, helpful documentarian to a one-man hype-monster artiste, MBW's …show more content…
As many of the early actuality footages were often staged, many considered Exit Through the Gift Shop as a hoax. Banksy, as a world famous street artist, has seen the perception of his works, by designing temporary and designing defacements, it transforms graffiti into art that needs preservation. An art that is cut out from walls and sold for million bucks. Banksy, in making Exit Through the Gift Shop with Fairey and Guetta has found a way to deface, scrawl over and heap light-hearted disdain all over both himself and the people who snap up his

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