Existentialism : The Idea Of Walking Upon Earth Without A Divine Assignment

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The idea of walking upon earth without a divine assignment goes against the views of religions; such as Christianity. People come from various backgrounds were religion plays a huge role in who they are. Many individuals rely on their specific belief or faith to determine their morals and values. Without morals and values within an individual’s life; it leaves their life without structure. Now today in society there’s a constant battle between our souls and spirit. The soul consists of our mind, will and emotions. In existentialism carrying out your own will is the main characteristic which comes along with anguish in doing so. Christianity clashes with the idea of one’s own will because it believes that the only person who knows the perfect will over our lives is God. Instead of seeking out one’s purpose in life, existentialism puts a pessimistic view in the individuals mind causing them to think of life less enthusiastic because they’re going to die anyways. Existentialism disregards people’s talents, gifts, calling, or purpose; here on earth which affects Christianity in a negative way.
Existentialism goes against the practices of a daily Christian in Christianity. Existentialism contradicts having a call upon a person’s life. Christianity, God gives us a free will to follow the will He has on our lives or to go along with a personal agenda. Faith is the center of a Christian lifestyle. Without faith there’s no manifestation of God’s will being manifested. In many…

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