Essay about Existential Vacuum

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There have been many phenomena introduced to man within the twentieth century. The most important and interesting of these phenomena is the existential vacuum. In the 1960s, Viktor Frankl observed that people twentieth century have lost meaning of purpose. He also observed that the existential vacuum was worse in the United States than in Europe or developing countries. A potential cause for this feeling of emptiness is the loss of animal instinct throughout human history. Every living culture, whether it was human or animal has an innate set of instincts that guide how we live. However, through time, humans have tamed those instincts and shoved them into non-existence by creating laws of “civility.” For example, people used to …show more content…
Throughout the centuries of civilization development, many policies and rules have been implemented within different cultures. Several of these new “life guidelines” go against human natural instinct, and so people have been brought up without natural instincts guiding them through life. This is especially true in this last century, more than other times in history. Without these instincts, people are forced to make difficult decisions without understanding the parameters and potential outcomes of those decisions. This leads to people not knowing what to do and, therefore, the lack of a meaning of life. As technology developed in this last century, humans slowly lost the ability to create for themselves. Humans began to rely more on stores for buying food, and less on the process of their own hunting, growing and gathering. They no longer needed to make clothes, because the needle and thread gave way to sewing machines, which gave way to huge factories and store bought clothes. Why make clothes, when you could run down to the department store and buy them? The same happened with creative endeavors. Why make your hunting tools, when you could go to the gun shop to buy one? Why make jewelry, when necklaces are manufactured and sold by the hundreds at Macy’s? As people have relied more on ready-made and store-store bought and less on their own knowledge and instincts, life seems to have become more complex, but also

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