Existential Therapy Essay

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Existential Therapy Existential therapy helps people who has uncertainties, anxiety depression, grieve and depression. Problems can distract a person life and essential of living. Sometimes it is hard to become stable possessing core cognitions, cognitive distortions thoughts and feeling on how a person views the world and themselves, which points out low self-esteem. Cognitive distortions are mainly negative thoughts of self, guiltiness that leads to uncertainties emotions and actions. Cognitive behavior focuses on results reinforcements and monitor behaviors. Existential therapy enables people to change and become aware and self actualized. “ Existential therapy is suitable for people who are open to new ideas and seeking …show more content…
The theory of existential therapy focus on value, environmental factors, confrontation, and the person entire context of their life in order to face relating factors dealing with existence. It is also based on life experiences. “The question is not so much to avoid it as it is how to face it with openness and a willingness to engage with life rather than a tendency to retreat, withdrawn or refrain from responsibilities” (Mulhauser, 2010).
Existential theory appears to be a good approach when treating substance abuse, it faces the inner thoughts and causes to the substance abuse. In some cases, people try to treat substance abuse by attending 12-steps program in which they can and do help, however the root of the problem that caused the substance abuse is sometimes not discovered. Therapy is essential only with attending substance abuse treatment programs. A person can suffer from low self-esteem and only feel good when they are under the influence of a substance, the self-esteem, depression, and any other mental health issue should be address to treat that cause and then work towards the treating of the substance abuse. Substance abuse can be environmental and cover up with mental health issues. Existential theory approach is looking at the problem so that the process of solution building can form.
Clinician and client’s awareness are essential to maintain a relationship that begins with the main instrument of change. “Existential therapy is more

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