Exgetical Paper

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Exegetical Paper
Summer DiGiovanna
Dr. Edgar Scott

When envisioning the power of the words of thy LORD himself that was shared in Exodus 20:1-11; I get chills all over my body. These are the first spoken words that are shared among the people after he has brought them from the land of bondage, and into the Promised Land. His words are now more powerful because he has now come of his word. In a sense this message has been slowly fading away with a growing economy and such a diverse spread religion base, not all find our first built foundation to be the Holy Bible. The word of God still lives on as it always will but its strength and commitment has I believe fallen short of what he expressed through this verse
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I have read this verse many different ways and while they all have different styles they all still relay the same powerful message. The style of the message remains the same, throughout each some are little more extensive than others the message to love him and only him the Lord as God was relayed. While there are many versions available some of the words that were used throughout all were; God, no, never, no other, holy, no work, Sabbath, remember, saved, brought, honor, love, respect, worship, and observe. The message can be portrayed just by reviewing these words from the verse. I believe that it is pretty laid out in just this verse alone the message the God wants his people to follow and to live a long prosperous life. If all individuals of today were to base their morals of just these words the world just may be a better place. The day of Sabbath is far too away from being observed, while this is the day that most take time to pay respects to their God, the world still continues on with work, which is far from rest and observing the day to be holy. Indeed far from dedicating the day to the Lord your God. Exodus 20:1-11 is a chapter within the book of Exodus that I believe to be one of the most important. When God came down and spoke those powerful words he clearly stated that he the Lord your God, the only God to whom was the one who have saved us and brought us out from slavery bringing us to the Promised land. He was a very demanding God who thought he

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