Essay about Exercising With An Ipod, Friend, Or Neither?

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Previous Research article titled “Exercising with an iPod, Friend, or Neither: Which is Better for
Psychological Benefits?” stated that exercising, in general, has been proven to reduce the chances of acquiring a variety of illnesses such as cardiovascular disease, obesity, cancer and many other life-threatening conditions. In addition, exercising has psychological benefits as well and may increase self-reliance, decrease stress, and improve moods. One of the ways one’s exercising environment could be improved is by incorporating music in it. Those who exercise to music create a more positive atmosphere to workout in which the person is able to accomplish his or her goals, while being pleasantly distracted by the music compared to those who exercise without music. They hypothesized that those who used a device for music (for iPod) or had a friend to work out with would experience a positive rise within their mood than those who didn’t include either of the two (Plante, Gustafson, Brecht, Imberi and Sanchez, 2011, p.199). They included 229 participants within their study and contingently placed them in six different conditions; 1) biking using an iPod or with a friend in a controlled environment, 2) walking outside without an iPod or a friend in an uncontrolled environment, and 3) solitarily walking or biking in a controlled environment. All the participants within the group were subjected to a 20 minutes’ walk at a max of seventy percent heart rate.…

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