Essay on Exercise Therapy For Patients With Depression And Anxiety

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Exercise therapy for patients dealing with mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety, have shown that these patients have significantly improved their happiness. Individuals with depression often times have a loss of interest and low moods, usually pertaining to their life satisfaction. Exercise can help with these feelings, as it improves body image, quality of life and coping with stress (Knapen, Marcha, Morien, & Vancampfort, 2014). Studies show that exercise treatment is very effective with a 49% increase in the probability of response to treatment and a 50% reduction in initial depression scores (Knapen et al., 2014). It has also been shown that certain types of exercises are more effective. This could be because every individual has their own certain likes and dislikes, and some exercises could potentially work better for some individuals than others. For example, in a study by Knapen et al. (2014) showed that aerobic training was more effective than strength training for depressed patients. Exercise therapy is proven to be so tremendously effective that in some cases it could be considered as an alternative for antidepressants.
Physical activity and happiness in college students The physical activity and happiness in college students section of this literature review focuses on the factors that create happiness by working out in college students. These factors are as followed: lowered stress, mental health, emotional well-being, athletes compared to…

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