Exercise Is Very Important For Many Reasons, Especially For Older Adults, Physical And Mental Health

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Exercise is very important for many reasons, especially for older adults. As people age, physical and mental health deteriorates. Incorporating exercise into everyday life can delay the weaknesses that accompany an aging body. Many people however, are not able to reap the full benefits of an active lifestyle due to several factors including laziness, lack of education, and a busy lifestyle.. Studies have shown that failing to exercise leads to a rapid decline in health. According to the Centers for Disease Control, only about 30 percent of older adults are physically active (Nesbit, 2016). “..The growing benefits of exercise throughout life are often proclaimed. According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, almost all older people can benefit from additional physical activity. Regular exercise prevents chronic disease, improves mood and lowers chances of injury. With age the human body takes a little longer to repair itself, but moderate physical activity is good for people of all ages and ability levels. In fact, the benefits of the elderly exercising regularly far outweigh the risks. Even elderly people with chronic illness can exercise safely. Many medical conditions are improved with exercise, including Alzheimer 's, dementia, heart disease, diabetes, colon cancer, high blood pressure and obesity (Sollito, 2016).

Review “Despite the growing list of benefits of exercise for older people, adults in the U.S. tend to become less active as they age” (NIH). There…

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