Exercise Effects The Human Body Essay

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Exercise effects the human body in many fascinating ways; as it causes the body to adapt and alter to aid the body’s stimulation. Take when carrying out the Harvard step test practical. This test is where a person carries out a period of exercise for a certain length of time and then records their heart rate before and for so long after the period. This shows how fit and healthy the heart is by showing how long it takes for the heart to go back to a regular resting pulse rate.
“The cardiovascular response to acute exercise is centred on the principle that the cardiovascular system fulfils three primary functions: to deliver nutrients and oxygen to cells of the body’s tissues, to remove metabolites from the same sites and to regulate heat exchange between body and environment, meaning to maintain a stable core temperature.” (Bell, 2008, p 1) When the body is carrying out exercise the heart starts to pump faster. This leads to changes in heart rate. The typical value for an average resting heart rate value is 77/bpm. Heart rate is controlled through changes in the parasympathetic and sympathetic activity towards the sinoatrial node. This means that when the heart starts pumping more readily this is because there is a decrease in parasympathetic activity and an increase in sympathetic activity. Since the muscles around the body are being used they require more energy hence more oxygen resulting in a faster blood flow. During the exercise period, “blood pressure rises rapidly…

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