Exercise And Physical Activity Of Exercise Essay

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Exercise and physical activity have been known as one of the many ways to ensure a healthy physical and mental well-being. In addition to a well-balanced diet full of all necessary nutrients, one should also consider engaging in regular physical activity with respect to a health professional’s recommendation. Regular exercise plays an essential role in opening organs of the body; hence, helping them to function effectively. The growing body of knowledge in the health of a human being substantiates the fact that exercise is critical to the physical well-being of a person, as it is a preventative measure from contracting a variety of diseases. Moreover, it is associated with psychological development for a better mental health. Most of the researches that have been done and those that will be used in this essay are correlational experiments that aim at studying how exercise and health are associated. Subsequently, researchers have come to the conclusion that exercise is a significant aspect of the collective health of an individual. Studies that have been done to determine the extent to which exercise has contributed to the effective health show clearly that those who did not engage in physical exercise were at a higher risk for contracting particular types of diseases. It is critical for people to know the kind of exercise that is useful and needed for the body to resist diseases as well as enhance the development of the brain. Therefore, engaging in a regular exercise…

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