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Exelon Corporation is an electricity generating and distributing company headquartered in the Chase Tower in the Chicago Loop area of Chicago. Exelon came into existence in October 2000 after the merger between two large utilities: Unicom corp., the parent company of ComEd (Illinois) & PECO Energy Co. (Pennsylvania). Unicom owned Commonwealth Edison. Exelon has 5.4 million electricity customers and serves 485,000 natural gas customers in the Philadelphia suburbs. Exelon is the largest nuclear operator in the U.S. and the 4th largest power generator (in GW) of the nation.

Question & Answers

Question 1: How will branding benefit Exelon power?


Exelon’s plan to brand Environmentally Preferable Power
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In response to the EPP’s competitive price structure the traditional power suppliers may reduce their prices later but Exelon may keep their prices intact since most of the companies who now are already using clean energy will not switch back due to societal pressure & will mostly maintain their status of being associated with EPP.

Question 3: Will Exelon be successful in branding power?
Yes Exelon will be successful in Branding power however it won’t be easy since electricity has been purchased as a commodity where the focus has always been price.
From the qualitative research Exelon’s executives also concluded that they would have to work hard to educate their customers about Eco Preferred, to demonstrate its value and to convince them to pay a premium for it.

Yes, Exelon will be successful in Branding power. This can be explained because of the following reasons: * Being the 4th largest electric utility in the United States, ensures the brand credibility. * The name Eco-Preferred will helped position EPP (Environmentally Preferable Power) as a ‘Light Green “ rather than ‘pure green’ energy and contribute to differentiating EPP from renewable power as provided by Exelon’s competitors. * By having a name and an identity would not only help demonstrate the value of Exelon but also contribute to positioning the business as socially responsible and environmental stewards. * With Eco

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