Essay on Exegesis on Ephesians

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Exegetical Paper of Ephesians 2:14-22 In Ephesians 2:14-22, Paul writes a letter to the people of Ephesus both Jews and Gentiles of the time, telling them that Christ had broken down the wall of hostility so that they can live in peace and unity. Within this paper, there will be an extensive exegetical look at the history of the passage; what the significance of this passage is to the biblical audience, and the differences between the biblical audience and today’s audience. By studying this passage, people today can grasp the meaning and apply it to their lives.
Historical Context
The City of Ephesus was a city of wealth, and was impacted by Christians greatly for centuries. “Ephesus was founded by Ionian Greeks at a location where
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The word body (soma) is found in verses 2: 14; 16 as well as hostility. The first reference to body, Paul is relating as an “in person” human being. Because Christ died on the cross it was through His body that he had restored the human race and brought us together as one. As well as bringing grace through faith of the Jews and Gentiles believing in Him. The second reference to body is in verse 2:16, that speaks as the physical body of the church. The physical body is one of relationships through one another as well with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Through this, the church can start living a holy lifestyle. The word body is important to understand because it plays a huge role in understanding Paul’s greater message about unity.
Paul uses the word cornerstone (akrogoniaios) in verse 2:20, as a reference to Christ. A cornerstone is a mains support element as a point where two walls intersect. In comparison the two walls are like the Jews and Gentiles and their faith was separating them. Jesus is the cornerstone that brought them together to be one, and He is their foundation of their faith. That being said, the two people groups can now learn through Paul’s teaching, how to live in a new, holy way.
In conclusion, all of these three words are pivotal to the passage because they are representatives of the key concepts in Paul’s message. In order to understand this passage, there needs to be a deeper look at the meaning of the

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