Essay on Exegesis of the Book of James

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An Exegesis of James

The Book of James is addressed to the twelve tribes in the Dispersion and outlines how an individual should live their life. The book of James outlines the faith walk through sincere religion, honest faith, and wisdom. The book of James also contains a significant parallel to Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5-7. James begins by describing the overall traits of the walk of faith. James goes on to discuss the evil of the tongue, the responsibility of anyone who teaches, and faith in action. He then compares and contrasts the difference between worldly and godly wisdom and asks us to become close to God and abstain from evil. James goes on by rebuking the rich who hoard and those who are
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* Twelve tribes in the Dispersion: “Used in biblical Greek to refer to the scattering of the Jews.” The “twelve tribes” can refer to Christians or Jewish believers who had left Palestine and scattered (James 1: p. 2120, The New Oxford Annotated Bible, 2012; Utley, Introduction to James, 2012,; Wallace, 1995-2012, * In further detail, they were experiencing persecution and were mourning because of the death of a loved and respected leader. (Bible Gateway, 1993, * According to the most probable opinion, the Epistle was not written later than about A.D. 50, we may conclude that it was written to some of the Churches of Syria or of another country not far distant from Jerusalem (Camerlynck, 1910,

* The context does not reveal who were the particular Jewish converts, to whom the Epistle was addressed. We gather, however, that St. James appeals to certain Christians, laboring under the stress of particular circumstances (ibid).
References to God: * God (James 1:5, 1:13, 1:19, 1: 27, 2:5, 2:19, 2:23, 3:9, 4:4-8, p. 2120-23, The New Oxford Annotated Bible, 2010) *

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