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EIS Final Project
RFID Technology
A Comparative Study of E-ZPass and Wal-Mart
Công nghệ RFID tại Wal-Mart

Jose Malpartida, Sebastian Martinez
Matias Moral, Avraj Sandhu, Phillip Wittwer

1. Technology overview

RFID, or radio frequency identification, is a technology that allows for communication between two devices by means of radio waves. Thus neither a direct line of sight, nor a physical connection is needed. The first device is a reader or antenna, the second is a so called tag. Readers are more complex and expensive devices, whereas the tags are meant to be cheap and produced in high numbers.

Tags can be very simple, for example they could transmit a short id code, similar to a bar code, that is powered by an
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Toll booth payments: RFID tags are a naturally good fit for this industry. Traditional toll booths require a person to be staffed at all times. In addition, the process can be inefficient since traffic slows down to make payments. Finally, drivers have to deal with the hassle of cash and receipts. Systems like E-ZPass install transponders with RFID tags in cars that are connected to pre-paid accounts. The car can drive through toll booths with RFID scanners without stopping. The RFID technology has been used very effectively here. 2. Retail: RFID tags can be used for retail environments like electronic stores or big box retailers in multiple ways. Suppliers can ship products to retailers with RFID tags either at the individual unit or collective (e.g. pallet) level to identify the contents of the package. This has several advantages for the retailer. Firstly, retailers can detect the contents of multiple packages at a time by simply passing them through a scanner (as compared to the manual process required with bar codes). In addition, retailers can use RFID scanners on shelves to track stock-outs on store shelves in real time to refine optimal inventory levels. Finally, RFID scanners can provide touchless, seamless checkout at retailers. 3. Smartcards: Smartcards are cards with embedded RFID chips that have been used in a variety of different applications ranging from ID cards for offices or colleges to passes for

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