Executive Summary Essay

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Marketing Plan:
Adidas AG

Taylor Fjeldheim
Principles of Marketing

Executive Summary

Adidas AG sells sports shoes, apparel, and equipment in 170 different countries. There focus lies in football, soccer, basketball, running, training gear, golf, and apparel. This is a two billion dollar industry and with Adidas being a main cog. They also specialize in lifestyle goods including SLVR and Y-3 fashion brands. They have trademarked their three-striped logo that has become a global symbol of sporting excellence. They are the #2 sporting goods manufacturer behind only NIKE. Adidas’ main market is the footwear manufacturing industry. Research and development is what gives Adidas a competitive advantage. They focus many
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Reebok was recently purchased by Adidas in 2005 and really took Adidas to the top of the industry (Adidas to Buy 2012).

Design Goals

Innovative design teams seek to help athletes of all skill levels achieve peak performance with every product brought to the market. The goal is to continuously improve the quality, look, feel and image of the products. Every design is developed with the five keys in mind: high quality, comfort, fit, originality, and strong/powerful (Adidas Advertising 2012).

Research and Development

Research and development is an integral part of Adidas AG. Each year they invest considerable resources in researching innovative designs and features for new products. The Adidas innovation team is divided into groups that focus on performance footwear, apparel and hardware innovation. The teams have five key Sport Performance attributes, which are faster, smarter, stronger, cooler, and natural, to keep in mind during R&D. The teams are closely integrated with associated functions and resources to increase efficiencies and flexibility in all aspects of innovation and technology development. In 2011, 115 million dollars was spent on research and development. In 2012, R&D will focus on customization, digital sports technologies and sustainable product innovation (Adidas Group 2012).


Primary Competitors

Adidas has three primary competitors, which are NIKE, Puma, and

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