Essay about Executive Retirement Plan For Hca Holdings Inc.

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Human Resources
Benefits can be defined as an indirect financial payment given to employees that may include health and life insurance, vacation, pension, educational plans, 401K etc. (Dessler, 2012). As an affiliate of HCA Holdings Inc., Palms West Hospital follows a basic template that is provided throughout the organization. Although minor details may be changed, the majority of the ways Palms West operate is through the guidelines that HCA Holdings Inc. provides. Employees who meet the minimum requirements are offered a contributory, otherwise known as a benefit plan (HCA Holdings Inc., 2016). There are select few plans that entail the firm match a certain percent of the employee’s contribution up to a maximum amount (HCA Holdings Inc., 2016). The firm also provides a supplemental executive retirement plan (SERP) for certain executives that guarantees the participants receives the value of particularized life endowment from the coupling of the SERP and other benefit plans (HCS Holdings Inc., 2016).These all seem like great benefits, but who are the ones that are actually benefitting from them?
Compensation is a single reward amongst the rewards of working (Eberth, Elliot & Skatun, 2015). Conditions, convenience, and benefits are all aspects of what determines an employee’s wages (Eberth et al., 2015). Competency, and skill bases are several features taken into consideration when deciding what wages would be appropriate for the work being completed (Dessler,…

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