Executive Of The Middle East / Africa Essay

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Challenges with Diversity:
Undoubtedly, diversity has played an important role in Marriott’s growth. However, it does become a challenge to organize such a diverse workforce while maintaining high morale. This dilemma is compounded with the attempt to keep employees interested and engaged in their daily tasks.
Careful hiring: According to a recent article in Hotelsnewsnow.com, the President and Managing Director of the Middle East/Africa regions for Marriott International said that the biggest challenge faced by hotels, second to geopolitics, is managing their human capital. With operations predicted to double in the Middle East by 2020, Marriott will need to increase the workforce substantially. Another significant problem is the continuing need for Arabic-speaking personnel to appease the local populations. Unfortunately, where Marriott believes in having a diverse workforce, hiring Arabic speaking personnel has become a challenge in the Middle-East. This is primarily due to a culture barrier in which individuals from Arabic ethnicity prefer to perform in managerial positions. This, at times, can interfere with Marriott 's theme to maintain an eager staff who works hard to advance through the ranks regardless of where they began in the company
Cultural Difference/Biases: Managing a culturally diverse workforce can be a challenge for international managers because it represents both differences and similarities at the same time. Cultural differences influence managers’ on…

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