Execution Methods During The United States Essays

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Execution Methods in America
When the first Europeans came to America, they had a lot of their own methods of execution. They had unique ways of executing people in Europe from the dark ages. There were many different types of punishment that they experimented with and eventually got rid of, but more often than not they left their old ways behind. The Guillotine was a popular method of execution in Europe, but once they travelled to America, hanging was used more often. In America, we tried five main ways of executing people and as the years went on, we developed a system as to how and when a person would be executed. We currently take a long time to determine someone guilty of a crime that is punishable by execution. There are also laws that state that a juvenile cannot receive the death penalty, but can be given jail time (Clark County Prosecution Attorney). Throughout American history the execution methods have gone from hanging to lethal injection and everything in between, but along with the changing of methods of execution was the changing of crimes that deserve the capital punishment.
Hanging is the oldest method of execution in America and is more complex than most people think. People who were in favor of the hanging method thought that it was painless and left the body intact and not mutilated (procon.org). Along with it being virtually painless, it was also a cheap method of execution. They were right, in the sense that it could be…

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