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I differ with the VP of human clinical trials, Ted Jacobs, on his view that the pricing of Oxyglobin at around 150 dollars

might impact the price strategy of Hemopure. Although the properties of both the drugs are similar, they are targeting

different markets and the demand for a human blood substitute would be very high when compared to Oxyglobin. He

says that Hemopure could be priced between $600- $800, but it also depends a lot on the market condition in around

2 years as it is still needs the FDA approval.

If the company waits till the approval of Hemopure to launch Oxyglobin it puts the company at risk as competition

may crop up in the veterinary market and entering into it with a competitor would flare up price wars. Also the success

of Oxyglobin in the veterinary market will help Biopure Corporation with the marketing and market expectation as

they will have the evidence and support of the veterinary market. Also one important factor that Biopure has to consider

is that the phase 3 trials are still in progress and as in the case of Baxter the approval could be delayed or rejected

which will have a negative impact on the share value given that Biopure is looking to go for an IPO.

I think that Biopure Corporation should go ahead with the commercial sales of Oxyglobin at a price of
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