Importance Of Exchange Mobility

The big gate for the American dream is still open for everyone who wants to enter into it with determination and goals. The opportunities to develop an intergenerational mobility in America is the same for everybody, due to this, we can move up and down the social ladder when certain economic situations come into our lives. As individuals we can choose an upward social mobility by doing a combination of many things such as having goals, gain a higher education, and be dedicated and persistent. The United States is, to me, a beautiful country with several kinds of opportunities that have allowed me to achieve some of my wishes. However, there were a series of requirements that I had to do to reach my desired success. The first thing I did was leave my home country, hoping to achieve freedom and a better life for my family. Second, I had to integrate into a new culture and language. …show more content…
Exchange mobility is “a large number of people moving up the social class ladder, while a large number move down; it is as though they have exchanged places, and the social class system shows little change” (Henslin, 2015). The expectations of the education investment are higher than the real results today, however, when attitude and effort are combined the outcomes are positive. People should be aware that early education will expand more opportunities to their children. In my humble opinion, individualism in America plays an important role in upward social mobility. If we just stop thinking of ourselves and teach our children to appreciate what we already have and not to settle for less, we can build a better society. With this, we may not have to go downward in social mobility, which is “movement down the social class ladder” (Henslin, 2015). Surely the majority of Americans think there is no more American Dream. Nevertheless, this thought doesn’t contribute to the development of mind that aspire to the good of

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