Exchange And Interactions During The Columbian Exchange Essay

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Unit 1 Vocab
Exchange & Interactions
Corn - One of the many crops from the Americas that was brought over to Europe through the Columbian Exchange as a result of Christopher Columbus’ discovery of the New World.

Horses - A form of transportation and livestock from Europe that brought itself to the Americas via the Columbian Exchange. Horses heavily aided in the Spanish conquest of the Aztecs and Incas. However, the Aztecs and Incas would later utilize horses for transportation and combat. Plains Indians such as the Sioux and Comanche would become mobile hunters after the Spanish introduction of the horse.

Disease - Like corn and horses, disease was also something transmitted via the Columbian Exchange. The Indians did transmit some diseases over to the colonists, but not anywhere close to the degree of the European colonists. The most noticeable disease spread by the colonists was smallpox (others included influenza, measles, and typhus). The diseases spread by the colonists were devastating to the Indians, who did not have the biological immunities the Europeans did. Smallpox for example, was used by the Europeans as smallpox blankets that would be used as a weapon against the Aztecs and Incas. Overall, an estimated 90% of Indians died due to European diseases.

Labor Systems
Encomienda System - A Spanish system form of slavery established to regulate and control the Native Americans. The Spanish Crown granted the Spanish the right to have control over…

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