Excerpts In Jon Krakauer's Into The Wild

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One can argue that Jon Krakauer includes several excerpts throughout his novel Into the Wild, because he uses quotes from real authors to demonstrate how the wild differentiates from the daily life humans’ lead. Moreover, the excerpts relate to Christopher Johnson McCandless in some sort of way. Krakauer may be including excerpts at the beginning of every chapter to introduce the topic, as well as show a deep comparison of Chris McCandless’s adventure to the excerpt(s). Krakauer makes specific structural choices, length, tone, and content of individual texts, as well as their juxtaposition to one another. There are multiple textual examples that prove Jon Krakauer’s point.

One of Krakauer’s reasons for including excerpts is to introduce the topic.
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According to the author’s note, McCandless ventures into the wild to get a raw transcendent experience. On page three, below the passage, it states, “Postcard received by Wayne Westerberg.” This relates to McCandless because he penned the postcard, describing his travels. In addition, on page nine, above the except, it states, “Graffito carved into a piece of wood discovered at the sight of Chris McCandless’s death.” Both of these examples show how Krakauer uses excerpts to demonstrate a deep comparison as to what Christopher Johnson McCandless’s journey has to relate with the passages. Also, according to page thirty-eight, beneath the excerpt, it states, “Graffito found inside abandoned bus on the Stampede Trail.” This shows how Christopher Johnson McCandless’s inspiration was from Jack London, and he proves that by citing texts and writing them in his journal in “113 terse, enigmatic entries.” This is another way to prove how Jon Krakauer includes excepts to provide a deep comparison as to what Christopher Johnson McCandless’s adventure is

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