Excalibur Negotiation Analysis

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Register to read the introduction… Logrolling involves trading off issues to reach a solution. With multiple issues at hand logrolling will be most effective when both parties are honest, however considering all my interests I will be open as to which issues are most important to me (eg. price)but will hide specific details (my BATNA). I will also attempt to create positive interdependence between Knight and Excalibur by expanding the pie and offering non specific compensation. Currently, the negotiation pie is limited to the pistons and Excalibur will need to offer more resources to make a business relationship desirable for Knight. To expand the pie I will be offering free marketing on Excalibur’s website, exclusive rights to pistons and long term contracts offering substantial discounts on frequent and large orders. Lastly, non specific compensation will be offered such as development of pistons designed specifically for Knight, VIP invitations to all Excalibur corporate events and flexible payment …show more content…
With an interest in pleasing shareholders I aim to act strategically but will value a business relationship as long as the benefits do not go beyond my resistance point. The interests and actions of Knight will determine aspects of the negotiation and I have set various target points and concession plans to create a positive interdependent relationship between the two companies.


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