Examples Of Violation Of Human Rights In China

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Violation of Human Rights in China The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is a declaration that represents the first global expression of what many people believe to be the rights in which all human beings are entitled to. With this in mind, is it fair to be transplanting the organs of Chinese prisoners without their consent while they are alive? People may think that because they are prisoners, there is nothing wrong with taking their organs. There are other people in the world who need organs more than they do, but all people were created equal and although some people have broken the law, they still have rights that need to be respected. The taking of organs from Chinese prisoners not only violates the Universal Declaration of Human …show more content…
The waiting time can be as little as two or three weeks, while in America it often takes around a month to find a match. It has become a destination for patients who want to avoid waiting, and are apparently mostly unaware of the truth — or do not want to know.
The government thinks, what is so wrong about killing prisoners? They are in prison for a reason, therefore their lives don’t matter. Despite all the wrong doings of the prisoners they still have the basic rights of life, liberty and security and in this situation they are being violated. The Chinese government does not care about the prisoners, they only care about making a profit. Therefore the prisoners lives are considered dispensable and the rights that are supposed to be given to them are ignored. Stated in the article Involuntary Donors:
Chinese government agencies and hospitals coordinate with each other to inhumanely extract organs from unwilling donors for the sole purpose of earning profit. Such abuses are among the most severe, and perhaps most under appreciated, human rights violations that occur in the Chinese prison
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Within Chinese prisons, prisoners are treated cruelly and in ways many believe to be torture. According to Livers, Kidneys and Even Corneas Removed from 11,000 Live Political Prisoners WITHOUT Anaesthetic Every Year in China, Claims Documentary written by Julian Robinson, “Chinese hospitals are harvesting up to 11,000 organs from political prisoners without anesthetic every year, according to a new documentary”. Anesthetics are used to induce insensitivity to pain. Without anesthetics any type of surgery would be extremely painful. To have a person’s organs removed without the use of an anesthetic could be considered as a mode of torture. The government acts as if its prisoners are disposable consequently placing no value on the prisoner 's life. According to China’s Long History of Harvesting Organs from Living Political Foes by Larry Getlen, “In an effort to increase the chances of successful transplant, Gutmann writes, the organs are often taken from prisoners while they are still alive” (Getlen, Larry). As shown by the quote above, the government clearly had no regard for the prisoner’s life. Prisoners are operated on while alive with no anesthetics. This is considered torture. The Chinese government is in clear violation of article five of the Universal

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