Examples Of Vanity In The Crucible

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Vanity or the Devil?

The Devil affects the way a person portrays themself. Self-image can either make or destroy you. Arthur Miller’s The Crucible embodies the theme that emphasizes the protectiveness of reputation and self-image. The characters in The Crucible are self conscious about their actions, considering they are all up to no good. These actions contribute to the secrets and greed in the play. Through wrongdoings and witchcraft, the town of Salem hits a state of egotism.
The Crucible takes place in the town of Salem, Massachusetts in 1692. The Puritan society at the time, does not accept any interaction with the Devil. Such a mistake is considered a terrible thing to do. At the same time, Reverend Parris’s daughter is supposedly in
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One character of arrogance is Reverend Parris. Parris holds a high title in the town of Salem. He currently runs the church. In this period of time, church is a very important aspect of life. God is the man of whom you love most. Having connections with the Devil is wrong. When Abigail supposedly dances in the woods for the Devil, and Parris’s daughter is in a Devil induced coma, Parris begins to freak on the children. “Now look you, child, your punishment will come in its time” (10). Shortly after, Parris begins to announce the indirect punishment on his title. “But if you trafficked with spirits in the forest I must know it now, for surely my enemies will, and they will ruin me with it” (10). Due to Abigail’s supposed encounters with the Devil, Reverend Parris fears that people will see him as an untrustworthy figure. Parris cannot have this happen because he does not want to lose his property. Parris owns much land that he would hate to lose, as well as a title that he would also be unfortunate to lose. Parris’s last situation occurs when Abigail runs away. Abigail supposedly takes all of the money Parris owns, and Parris now worries that he is broke. “Thirty-one pound is gone. I am penniless” (117). If Parris was not so greedy for his riches, perhaps the idea of witchcraft and the Devil would not bother him so …show more content…
Salem, Massachusetts. The strong connections of the people with God cannot possibly be beaten by sin. Or can they? Wealthy men and seduced women are victimized by their own greed and thoughts. Everyone needs to be known as perfect, but sometimes situations do not string themselves out to be so wonderful. Secrets and arrogant people do not create a smooth mixture. Sometimes we even confess under pressure. One wrong action can often lead a person to performing another. The characters in The Crucible went through a time where they all needed to hide things from one another in order to keep a high status in the town of Salem. However, are their mistakes due to arrogance, or is Salem, Massachusetts a place of the

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