Examples Of Tragic Moment In My Life

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My life has always had so many ups and downs. But like everone else there 's that one tragical moment that changes your life forever. Mine was when my step father past away. My daddy, my hero, my world, my everything yes i was daddy 's little girl.

My daddy had Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, and Cirrhosis. He was like a little kid hated to take any meds or even worst to have to go to the doctor. We practically had to drag him to the doctor every time. It was hard to keep track of him. At that time I was leaving in El Paso, my mom and sister in Fabens, and my daddy lived in Guadalupe D.B. Chihuahua Mexico. My mom would always trying to go to see him in Mexico every weekend. Sometimes even during the week too but it was not always possible she had to work too. My sister and I where both married at the time and with kids. Myself will going thru a very hard time with who is now my ex husband.
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My whole life stop right in front of my eyes, I was fearing the worst. I rush to the hospital to find out the doctors had already stabblized him. My dad was in a very bad depression and he stop taking his meds so it landed him in the local hospital. He was giving up on life, he was so different! Not the person I new my hole life; who would never give up on nothing and nothing would stop him from having a great life. He was always a fighter it wasn 't like him to give up. But everything inside him had change all of his illness had taken over him. A couple of days later we took him home after that ugly experience that I don 't wish anyone to go thru. He promised to take care of himself and to go to the doctor more often. He looked happy again like if everthing was back to normal, but like everyone always say, "you never know what 's going on behind a

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