Examples Of Tragic Hero In Death Of The Salesman

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Tragic Hero

The definition of tragedy is a story with a sad ending, even though the author Arthur Miller would argue that tragic is not pessimistic but optimistic. In Death of the Salesman, a tragedy, the protagonist, Willy Loman is a common man who is a travelling salesman. He believes that if one is well liked, then he is successful. He is mostly a stubborn man, who believes he will achieve his American Dream. But he is an irresponsible man who never takes responsibilities of his actions. A tragic hero is still a hero who is persistent and honourable for his actions. Other tragic heroes like Hamlet and Oedipus did die and committed some horrid deeds but both take responsibility for their deeds. However, Willy is persistent in defending
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However, Willy is the one who destroys his dignity by cheating on his wife and then not taking responsibility for it. When Biff catches him cheating, he pretends as if it is unimportant. When Biff starts calling him cheater, Willy shuts him up and orders him that he must talk to his father with respect. Willy tries to protect his self-image of a loving and honest father and husband when he is caught cheating by acting like nothing ever happened, which is pointless and the worst way defend oneself. A man who is worthy of respect is a man whose worth is decided by his actions. Furthermore, Willy himself took the decision of cheating in his wife so he does not have the right to defend his self-image of being a good …show more content…
But he would not have to prove it if he did not lose his dignity in first place. He ,alone, was responsible for destroying his dignity and honour. If he focused more on accepting the consequences of his actions, instead of avoiding and defending himself, because his beliefs and false self-image, he would have been a tragic hero. He should have protected what he had and defended his dignity, instead of destroying his dignity first and then defending. He was delusional and mentally or emotionally troubled because which he lived in his past and was not able to move forward with time. He was not able to realize that his beliefs were his biggest enemies and kept him in dark of how Biff still loved him and how he was not someone who can be successful. His American Dream is just a lie and in his efforts to try to turn that lie into a truth, he ended up causing himself more trouble. At least, his last moments with his family was the ones that had truth instead of some of

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