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In Book II, Chapter 3 (342.30–32), Joyce employs the portmanteau word “swapstick”, combining the words “swap”, “stick”, “slapstick” and “swastika”:

“This eeridreme has being effered to you by Bett and Tipp. Tipp and Bett, our swapstick quackchancers, in From Topphole to Bottom of The Irish Race and World.”

Donaldo Schüler’s (2002, p. 303) translation of this passage retains the concept of “slapstick” with the term “fragorosos farsantes” [rackety masqueraders], but omits any reference to the swastika.

“Este eeridrama lhes foi oferecido por Bett e Tipp. Tipp e Bett, nossos fragorosos farsantes em Do-Furo-de-cima ao Furo-de-baixo de The Irish Race World.”

Philippe Lavergne’s (1982, p. 525) translation (“nos jumeaux interchangeables” – “our interchangeable twins”) doesn’t convey the idea of farce, or stick, or swastika. It conveys only the idea of “swap” with “interchangeables” [interchangeables]:

“Cet aérindrome, rêve d’erin, vous a été offert par Bett et Tipp. Tipp et Bett, nos jumeaux interchangeables dans leur production Du-trou-haut au brou-bas de l’Irish Race and World”.

As for Hervé Michel’s (2014, p. 343) translation (“nos escamoteurs de sous-pastèques” – “our illusionists under watermelons” / “our illusionists of subwatermellons”), it conveys the idea of farce (“escamoteurs” are “illusionists”) and, by assonance, the reference to the swastika (“sous-pastèques”):

“Ce révétrange t’a été effer par Bett et Tipp. Tipp et Bett, nos escamoteurs de sous-…

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