Examples Of Age Discrimination

The Age Struggle
In our day and age, as we age we gain experience in our fields of work getting better and better with each exposure. However, as we age we might gain something else as well, age discrimination. With each year that passes employers give older people less attention often preferring younger employees because they are “faster” and more “creative”. This Reasoning is flawed in that employees are rather hard to completely set in one category some may be young and filled with energy but in reality could be lazy and annoying. Employers often hypothesize that older employees are slower, worn-out, or that they might not accommodate to the lifestyle of today’s society; Conversely, these opinions are simply not true (Reade 1). Many older
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His age is often a deterring factor to employers and it doesn’t help that everyone assumes that as well(Reade 2). Often employers believe that older workers cannot multitask or work with mainstream or current technology. But that is flat out wrong as a age does not stop someone from being productive the person themselves can decide what to do with their life and weather they decide to take the easy path of slouching or the harder path of working persistently (Reade 2). In competitive fields the difference between working hard and not at all can be seen clearly. However, we as a society have failed in the regard to age discrimination we give older workers a harder time creating and uneven work environment in which older workers cannot rise up unless they really strive to break the barrier. For example, in the field of art It would be likely to assume that younger people will have much more creativity juices than older people; Yet just like the rest of this, it is false, older people and younger people both face positive attributes and negative. Older folk have the ability to think just as creatively as younger workers however they must work at keeping up with the society around them (Reade 3). Fads and trends change quickly just as much as jobs. One day a job can suddenly crash because of the lack of interest by society. It’s a roller coaster that younger audiences can ride much easily than older …show more content…
Not only does it prevent jobs for older workers but it also create more debt for younger generations as well. Why? because older workers are using their retirement funds earlier and younger workers pay for that. Which in turn causes early retirement and more workers who retire early thus effectively creating a scenario where there are elders in retirement and there are young and middle-age workers this will create problems in the countries debt; Still, if employers were to hire older workers until the age of retirement or more. This would create a larger workforce helping pay off debt rather than increasing it further. Older workers work hard as they have experience, are persistent, and have patience to not give up Nevertheless, that is just speculation but even then it is much more efficient to have older workers work longer than having them retire early. In the end older workers should be considered just as much as younger workers if not

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