Examples Of Stereotyping, Prejudice And Discrimination In The Criminal Justice System

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1.Terms like stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination in the criminal justice system were introduced to us in all the readings we did in class. Stereotyping means a public belief about specific social groups, or types of individuals this is also combine with prejudice and discrimination most of the time. Prejudice means a feeling of partiality resulting from a prejudgment that influences a person 's thoughts, mindset, and behavior. It is basically judging a person without knowing them just having assumptions and there linking in stereotyping. Most of the time it is always associated with a negative thought. Discrimination comes in with stereotyping and prejudice so, discrimination means taking the act to the next level and acting upon …show more content…
For example African Americans in the criminal justice system even how they get to the criminal justice system. In chapter 7 African Americans and the criminal justice system states that there are 32 percent than a white boy which is 6 percent. When you view the population in prison you can see that whites are under populated unlike Hispanics and African Americans and you can see that they take in consideration the social factors not just evidence. Another way of stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination in the criminal justice system is a crime called “Driving while black” which basically was stopping black males that were driving for traffic violations but really having other intentions of arresting them. You can see that 70 percent of the stops were black or Hispanic males rather than whites. Also when Hispanics or black would get arrested for drugs they would have more time than a white person who gets arrested for the same amount of drugs. In the law they made a heaver penalty for a drug that is mostly used by minorities than by whites and a low penalty in drug that most whites end up …show more content…
White Collar Crime is basically done by someone who is above power which means it is someone with high ranking in society. White Collar Crime is non violent crimes committed by business or government professionals for financial gain. Most of the time this crime has no violence involved by it does have millions of dollars or something of great value. Examples of White Collar Crime are Fraud, Bankruptcy, Insider Trading, Most of the time the offender doesn’t have a criminal record. The offenders of white collar crime always tend to say that there is no victim and that white collar crime did not do any danger to society and that there is no visual damage and no physical damage and mostly it’s a financial matter. There are two kinds of victims in white collar crime one is voluntary victims which are lied to and gave promises of fast cash. The second kind of victim is involuntary victims which could be creditors, competitors, employees, and customers. The relation between the victim and perpetrator in all white collar crime is generally similar. It is nonviolent, indirect, and impersonal, with the victim often being anonymous to the offender.
White collar crimes are different than other crimes because other crimes are seen as street crimes. Society tends to focus on street crimes rather than white collar crimes due to the fact of the extreme violence that is involved in street crime than in white collar crime. Street crime is any criminal offense that typically takes place or

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