Relationship Between Speculations And Social Burdens

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Speculations and Social Burdens Human behavior is often altered by social influence and pressure. Our coping mechanism goes into overflow when in the setting of group pressure and provided with the ability to be in an authoritative or obedient position. How well do our minds respond when the pressure starts to eat away at our confidence. Does our imagination start to take over and cause us to start second guessing ourselves, believing the roles that we are delegating? In 2008, I was the team captain of the women’s soccer team at my high school. Our coach was a younger male,I would say at the time he was in his mid 20’s. Our coach was very laid back and a big jokester. One day after practice a group of girls and I went for
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These college students were first asked to compare lines and choose one that resembles the same length. The first round every student chose the same line. As the experiment went on they all unanimously agreed. On the third trial, the experiment took a turn when one of the members disagreed. As the experiment went on the psychologist learned the dissenter was starting to become uncertain and began to second guess themselves. “What the dissenter does not know is that all the other members of the group were instructed by the experimenter beforehand to give incorrect answers in unanimity at certain points” (Asch 599). While the dissenter is placed in a position where he is communicating the correct answers, the student finds himself to be a minority of one opposed by a unanimous opinion to a clear and simple fact.The experiment concluded that the minority accepted the fact that they were wrong instead of believing and sticking with their correct answers. The psychologist quickly found a group who came to the conclusion “I am wrong, they are right” (599). Invariant how does one being in an authoritative or obedient position diminish this theory. I was the only one out of the entire group of girls that did not want to partake in this activity that could of potentially cause property damage. I gave in because I was the only girl that did not want to participate and at that point, I just went with the scheme of it because everyone else was doing it. I also did not want to look like a weak leader and ended up thinking well it is all fun and games.
At Stanford University, psychologist Zimbardo presented an experiment to see how people adapt to becoming compliant and becoming authoritarian. Students were separated into two subgroups and randomly chosen to play the roles of prison guards and inmates. The inmates were picked up from their home and placed under arrest then blindfolded and taken to a secret

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